Must-Have Non-Prescription Products for Improved Bone Health

Must-Have Non-Prescription Products for Improved Bone Health

Non drug choices in Kelowna BC

Calcium + Vitamin D + Weight-Bearing Exercise

Did you know that 99% of all the calcium in our body is stored in our skeleton? Our bones are almost completely made up of collagen, a soft protein that calcium protects and hardens, which makes your bones strong but flexible. After the age of 20, however, bone loss often begins. We can slow this process by getting regular amounts of weight-bearing exercise, taking supplemental calcium and vitamin D, avoiding smoking, avoiding excessive alcohol consumption and avoiding excessive cola soft drink intake (phosphoric acid in cola drinks leeches calcium out of bone).

Taking a calcium supplement can help ensure you’re getting the right amount you need to support healthy bones. Vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium, so be sure to take both at the same time. Also, avoid taking too much Vitamin A as it has been implicated in possible bone thinning.

Bone Broth
It’s not surprising that a consommé made from the juices of beef, chicken, and fish bones are packed with healthy vitamins and minerals. Bone broth is one of the most recent additions to the “superfood” category. While people have always made broth from leftover bones for the delicious flavour, we have only recently realized how nutritious it is. Bone broth contains essential amino acids that promote the production of collagen.

You can buy the broth from a grocery store or your local butcher in liquid or powder form, or you can make it at home.

Posture Corrector
People in first-world countries are suffering from pandemic-like back pain caused by sitting hunched over a desk five days a week. Bad posture is responsible for a variety of ailments. As your body leans forward to stare at a computer screen, your muscles and joints begin to strain and overcompensate, which leads to headaches, neck pain, sciatic pain, sore hip flexors, and even foot pain! Our grandparents weren’t kidding—posture is everything!

Combat bad posture with a posture corrector. Worn like a holster, the corrector’s flat brace is designed to lie straight against your spine, encouraging you to lengthen and straighten your back. You can usually find models that fit above or below your clothing with breathable material that is comfortable to wear for long periods.

Although there isn’t one solution for bone health, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and feeding your body with vitamin-rich foods is your greatest defence against osteoporosis and back pain. If you’re suffering, however, Symtrio Chiropractic has many solutions to help you get rid of your pain for good. Contact us today or book online.


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