Popular Footwear That’s Secretly Killing Your Feet

Popular Footwear That’s Secretly Killing Your Feet

Healthy Footwear in Kelowna BC

Every once in a while, we ignore what our bodies tell us in order to wear what looks good rather than what feels good. However, constantly wearing shoes that don’t offer proper arch support will soon cause painful problems in your feet, legs, hips, spine, neck, and back. There are many popular shoes, boots, and sandals that we all like to wear that might be secretly causing you more harm than they’re worth. Find out if your favourite shoes are on the list:

Keds, Converse, and Ballet Flats

Everyone loves a great pair of Keds, Converse, or slip-on flats. They’re easy to wear, casual, colourful, and great for running errands or meeting friends for coffee. However, if you notice that after hours of wear, your feet—and especially your arches—start to really hurt, it’s because these popular shoes offer absolutely zero arch support. Prolonged use of flat shoes can lead to various orthopaedic problems, such as strained and torn ligaments and muscles. While the rubber souls may look like they’re protecting your feet from the hard tarmac, what’s going on inside your shoe can be detrimental to your health. Finally, you can find Chuck Taylors that have a more sensible inner sole, but we suggest taking your new Converse for a test spin around the store before buying.

If only you had flat soles to worry about. Often made out of foam or thin rubber, flip-flops were never meant to be worn longer than it takes to walk from the car to the beach. They’re perfect for quick and casual strolls around the pool but are certainly inappropriate for longer walks. If you get stuck wearing flip-flop sandals for longer than recommended, your feet will learn to accommodate the loosely fitted shoe, which will change your gait, which can cause plantar fasciitis and heel and arch pain. Our advice: keep the flip flips for the pool or invest in sandals with a supported arch.

Popular for being the ugliest but most comfortable pair of slipper-boots, people of all ages and genders love slipping their cold feet inside a pair of cushiony Uggs. But are these Australian designs really doing your feet any favours? While, yes, they provide plenty of warm cushioning, they weren’t intended to be worn outside and especially not in the snow. Putting our Uggs through so much stress can easily wear down the sheepskin lining, which breaks down the heel and arch support, not to mention flattening out the sole. While they may seem comfortable at first, it won’t be long before you start to notice pain shooting up from your heels.

What’s not to say about high heels? Stilettos aren’t designed for comfort, so don’t expect miracles. Heels are getting higher, toes are getting pointier, and yet women refuse to take care of their feet. We’re not suggesting that you get rid of all the stilettos you own. They’re fine for special occasions where you’re only expected to wear them for two or three hours at a time. But high heels have become a staple in the workplace, which means that some women are wearing them for hours on end with no reprieve. Prolonged wear of stilettos increases pressure on the front of your foot, which causes you to correct your balance. Over time, your posture will be affected. Meanwhile, you’re more susceptible to ankle sprains, back pain from bad alignment, overworked hip flexors, osteoarthritis, Achilles tendonitis, any number of foot deformities (most popular of which are bunions), and of course, blisters.

If you’re not convinced that trading in your pumps for orthotics is the right choice for you, come in to Symtrio Chiropractic, where we will fit you with a customized pair of Foot Levelers Stabilizing Orthotics. We’re certain you’ll never look at footwear the same way again, but just in case, all our orthotics are guaranteed or your money back. Call us today to find out more.


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