Safe Ways to Exercise Outside Without Causing Back Pain

Safe Ways to Exercise Outside Without Causing Back Pain

Safe Ways to Exercise Outside Without Causing Back Pain in Kelowna BC

With spring in full swing, spending time cooped up in the house is the furthest thing from our minds. As soon as we can, we shed our school and work clothes, step into our exercise gear and before we know it, we’re cycling, jogging, gardening, and doing anything we can to breathe in that fresh spring air. The last thing we want is for the unruly back pain to slow us down and force us back inside. Here are some safe ways to exercise outside without causing back pain:

Invest in a Pair of Good Quality Running Shoes

If you’re new to jogging or power walking, you might not realize just how important proper footwear is for your back, spine, feet, and legs. Wearing the wrong shoes for exercise can cause a multitude of problems, like plantar fasciitis, shin splints, lower back pain, and knee pain. Running shoes should support your arch, give your toes plenty of room, absorb the shock of the pavement and be lightweight. If you’re jogging around in your tennis shoes, you’re going to regret it.

Run on Pavement as Little as Possible
Running or walking quickly puts more strain on our heels. The faster your legs move the harder you press down on the ground. You’ll really start to feel the impact of the ground if you’re run on hard pavement. If you can, soften the impact of each step by jogging on the grass, on a football or soccer field, or on the beach. Of course, proper footwear will significantly help to absorb the impact, but it’s not a lifelong solution.

Avoid Jogging or Biking in Inclement Weather
In some ways, it can seem more beneficial to jog, bike, or rollerblade on a rainy day. There will be less people to share the sidewalk with, which means you won’t be worried about knocking into someone. If it can’t be avoided, make sure to wear reflective tape somewhere on your clothes or shoes so you can be easily seen by drivers. However, try to avoid it if you can, since slippery sidewalks can lead to slip and falls, which can cause serious back pain.

Wear Proper Gear
Exercising outdoors seems to circle around the same thing: wearing the right clothes. It may seem trivial, but you’ll notice an immediate difference in your performance, endurance, and enjoyment of your activity if you wear moisture-wicking and breathable clothes, appropriate footwear, and sunscreen. Not wearing the right workout clothes can inadvertently change the way you position your body on the bike or in the way you run, which can make your muscles tense and more prone to injury. If you’re not comfortable exercising outside, you won’t enjoy yourself and your body won’t be fit to perform.

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