5 Popular Summer Footwear Rated Best to Worst for Your Health

5 Popular Summer Footwear Rated Best to Worst for Your Health

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This summer, our feet want to be freed to feel the fresh warm air—not feel confined by socks and shoes. But the less material that we have surrounding and supporting our feet, the more susceptible we are to foot pain associated with flat or ill-fitting footwear.

Courtesy of the orthotics specialists at Symtrio Chiropractic Clinic, we’ve rated the top five footwear for women from best to worst.

#5: Running Shoes
There’s no denying that a pair of well-fitting running shoes with arch support, ankle support, and comfortable cushion are the best things to wear this summer. There are a few things to consider when choosing the perfect running shoe: First of all, remember that it might take some time to get over that “new shoe” hump where the material is still a little stiff. Secondly, a running shoe that is too big or too small can be just as uncomfortable to wear as stilettos if it hurts to walk. Always make sure that your heels are lined right up to the edge of the heel and that when you step forward, your foot stays in place.

#4: Birkenstocks
The Birkenstock brand has been around for decades representing sensible sandals in unisex designs. While these sandals offer no heel support, they have an added advantage of providing supportive footbeds and sensible cushioning to make these sandals the perfect walking shoe. Unlike many sandals, Birkenstocks pass the arch support test, which helps to fight plantar fasciitis.

#3: Wedges
High heels taller than two inches automatically change your centre of gravity, throw off your alignment, and put pressure on the balls of your feet. High heels aren’t good for your feet in any season, but summer heels are particularly bad because they’re usually accompanied by flimsy laces and loose material that make walking in them nearly impossible. If you want the height, try wearing wedges this summer. Though not as elegant, wedges provide much better arch support, which will provide relief to the balls of your feet and offer more even weight dispersal.

#2: Mules
While they may seem comfortable, mules are pretty much one of the worst shoes you can wear this summer. That’s due to the fact that your toes have to press down as you walk in order to keep them from flying off. Giving your toes that much responsibility is not how your feet are designed to move, and it can lead to a painful and unattractive foot condition called hammertoes. If you can’t resist this style, try finding a pair with a heel strap.

#1: Flip-Flops
Originally designed to be worn poolside or in and around the house, flip-flops are the worst and yet some of the most popular summer footwear. Lacking in pretty much every kind of foot support, extended use of flip-flops can lead to back pain, plantar fasciitis, and hammertoes, to name a few conditions. If you plan on wearing flip-flops all summer, you can pretty much guarantee that a trip to the chiropractor is in your future. Wearing flip-flops to the end of the driveway to grab your mail is fine, but if you’re planning a day out, try wearing sandals with much better support.

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