Chiropractic Testimonials

"I was a chiropractic doubter until my MD referred me to Dr. Krueger for chronic headaches I was suffering from. I was tired of all the pain medication I was taking and sick of always having headaches. Wow! All I can say is that my headaches are few and far between and I seldom take any pain meds anymore. Dr. Krueger gave me my life back."

- Jim D.

"I have found a Dr. like I had down in Southern Oregon. Dr. Krueger and his staff are top notch. I like his technique and he takes time with me (even with my insurance plan). He makes recommendations but lets you decide when you need to come back. I don’t feel pressured to make follow up appointments. Call ahead tho as he and his RMT staff are busy."

- Toni S.

"I am so glad I found Dr. Krueger. My orthopedic surgeon referred me to Dr. Dan for a frozen shoulder that he was going to operate on. All I can tell you is that after 8 weeks of one-on-one therapy with Dr. D, I had almost full use of my shoulder again. My surgeon cancelled my surgery!!"

- Trevor H.

"What an amazing Doctor!

What a great experience!! Dr. Krueger has changed my thinking when it comes to chiropractors. His goal is to fix you so you dont need to return. I call him urgently and he always finds a way to fit me into his schedule. He does a great job at listening to your concerns, and explaining what he thinks it might be and what he plans to do to fix it. Every visit i leave there a new person. I dont know how he does it… he is a back and neck saver for me!!"

- Raskey J.

"My neck had been bothering me for months. I tried physical therapy for a few months without any results. I decided to see Dr. Krueger who was very honest with me from the beginning. I believe his words were “I’m not going to keep you here longer than what you need, even if its only one visit.” Sure enough, it only took me one visit to get readjusted.

I feel that Dr. Krueger and his staff took great care of me starting with how easy it was to schedule appointments."

- Google+ Review

"Excellent Care!. I had a very sharp pain in my lower back…it was so bad I could not walk for 2 days. I called many chiropractors to see if they could get me in same day(I was on day 3 of not walking). Dr. Krueger was able to see me right away. He was very thorough and by the second visit I was good as new. I would recommend to anyone!!"

- linzn8r


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