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Chiropractic is a branch of medicine that has tremendous ability to heal certain select conditions and has its place alongside allopathic medicine as well as other alternative and complimentary therapies. Each branch has its strengths and frequently a patient will lean on more than one branch to seek the best opportunity for healing.

Research shows that chiropractic care is particularly good at treating conditions such as mechanical back pain, neck pain, extremity joint pain, headaches, motor vehicle whiplash injuries, repetitive strain injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, and postural strain injuries among others. Additionally, research has indicated that chiropractic care may be of benefit in treating a variety of other disorders such as infantile colic, premenstrual syndrome, and fibromyalgia.

That said, there are many conditions that chiropractic care is not well suited to treat. Diseases like cancer, or diabetes, or epilepsy, for example, are among many disease states that are better suited for care by other members of the healthcare community.

We recognize that there are times when chiropractic care needs to be coupled with medication use or surgery, thus dictating a collaborative approach to care alongside your primary care physician and/or surgeon. In cases where surgery may be indicated, chiropractic care can assist in the recovery and rehabilitation phase of the healing process.