World Spine Day: Time to Spread Awareness of Spine Health

World Spine Day: Time to Spread Awareness of Spine Health

World Spine Day: Time to Spread Awareness of Spine Health in Kelowna BC?

Monday, October 16th is World Spine Day . What does that mean to the millions of people who suffer every year from back pain or spinal disorders? It means that every one of us has a chance to spread awareness about spine health and to learn how to take care of our back. Here are some ways to keep your spine healthy and happy:

Back Pain Prevention

According to the World Spine Day website, lower back pain is the number one disability in the world and is the main reason that people miss work. Back pain may be caused by muscle spasms, tense muscles, disc degeneration or disc herniation. Certain conditions and disease can also lead to back pain, such as kidney stones, arthritis, scoliosis, or infection. Pregnancy is also known to cause back pain. Fortunately, back pain is largely preventable. It’s important to exercise regularly to maintain back and abdomen strength and to keep a healthy weight. Practice proper posture by sitting and standing up straight. If you’re used to slouching, maintaining a proper posture can feel uncomfortable at first, but the more you do it, the better you’ll feel. If you suffer from back pain, see your chiropractor.

Early Screening for Spinal Conditions or Disease
Not all back pain is caused by improper lifting, bending, or reaching. There are some serious diseases that cause back pain which should be investigated and treated early. Stress, tumours, and infections can also cause back pain. See a chiropractor or your medical doctor if your back pain is also associated with other symptoms.

Back Pain Treatment
Conservative treatment for back pain will depend on the cause of the pain. A chiropractor is trained to adjust the spine to provide relief. Other forms of treatment may include hot and cold packs (for soreness and stiffness), exercise and stretching, physiotherapy, and even over-the-counter medications like non-steroidal anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxants if required. Symtrio Chiropractic offers full-service chiropractic care in Kelowna including low-level laser therapy , spinal decompression and orthotics .

Do you sit in front of a desk eight hours a day? If so, your workstation may be a major contributor to your back and spine pain. Work with your doctor and chiropractor to find out what you can do to make your workstation more ergonomic. Common causes for back pain (as well as carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, neck pain, and tension) include:

  • Improper height of your chair and desk
  • Desk chair that offers insufficient back and arm support
  • Not sitting all the way back in your chair
  • Improper height of the computer monitor
  • Mouse and keyboard that force you to rest your arms and wrists unnaturally on the desk

Visit Your Chiropractor
An important way to support World Spine Day is to take care of your back by visiting your chiropractor. If you’ve been living with constant discomfort and tension in your back, it’s time to find out what a life free from chronic pain feels like. Book Online today or contact us for more information. Click here if you want to get involved in World Spine Day.


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